Mission Statement for the Order of the White Horn
The grant level order of marshal prowess in thrown weapons within the Kingdom of Æthelmearc.

It is the responsibility and duty of the order to seek out, identify, and bring to the attention of Their Majesties, individuals within the Thrown Weapons community, who, in the eyes of the order have excelled in both personal skill and dedication to the discipline of Thrown Weapons.
Members of the Order are responsible for:

  • Bestowing upon those who wish to learn, the knowledge and the abilities such that they may further the realm of Thrown Weapons within their own right.
  • Ensure that worthy candidates are brought to the attention of Their Majesties.
  • Present themselves as Chivalrous, Courteous, and Responsible role models of the Society.
  • Maintaining and the advancement of their own skills within Thrown Weapons.

-The Order of the White Horn